julismom or crazy cat lady?


bits and pieces of my crazy cat filled life as julismom. I am adoring mom to an incredible 19 year old girl, who is an accomplished (if unpaid) writer mostly on fanfiction.net so far. Her work is under the user name of pipermaruduchovny. I never intended to have this many cats. Thanks to our "houdini-ette" Spooky, we will momentarily be adding to our feline family. Spooky Mulder, named my x-file phile teen, is pictured with me in my portrait photo for this blog.

"If I fits I sits"?!
Howl likes being hidden or covered, but if I don’t have blanket/throw handy, she thinks my pocket will do?! (at crazy cat lady home)

Julia making sun tea in spite of clouds covering sun! (at my redneck trailer court home)

Clouds rollin’ in!
View to the west over neighbor’s home! (at my redneck trailer court home)

Post in need of bird feeder!
Momma loved her “peepie” birds (as a very little Julia called them)! (at my redneck trailer court home)


Styles of Writing, A Comic by Grant Snider That Explores the Many Different Kinds of Writing


via Laughing Squid

Pick a caption!
Julia - “Evil is genetic!”
Me - “when your heart’s involved, it all comes out in Moron!” (Credit “Gilmore Girls”) (at my redneck trailer court home)

Short Chemo day. (Port is on my upper left chest.) (at Parkview Regional Medical Center)

Poor, tired baby! She’s had tummy troubles and major insomnia last night. If I didn’t know better, I’d think she’s taking side effects for me! (at Parkview Regional Medical Center)

Talk to the paw, human. I said, “NO PICTURES!” (at crazy cat lady home)

Great supper! Ruffle pasta with veggie pasta sauce, Italian cheese sausage, buttered fresh spinach and baked Parmesan asparagus! (at my redneck trailer court home)

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